Losing a mother or father when one is still very much in need of love, support, and care creates a vacuum of necessity that requires others to fill the void.  Who will be there for those orphans who are still too young to look after themselves? Who will be able to provide them with the basic necessities to survive on a daily basis? The truth is, aside from God, there is no one else except for the outside community to ensure these children are taken care of.

According to UNICEF there are over 250 million children living in countries which are affected by conflict. Of these children, 140 million are orphans. This makes survival for these innocent lives even more difficult as resources, health, and education are compromised. In 2015, UNICEF reported that 5.9 million children under the age of 5 died. That, shockingly, is equivalent to 11 children every minute! So what can we do make a difference? How can we reduce these horrifying statistics so children have a better chance of survival and living healthy and productive lives? In reality, it takes a little bit of effort on our part to be more conscious of children facing these obstacles and to make a commitment to giving regularly.

Many of us live in a world of mortgages, school fees, car payments, and credit card bills. We do not necessarily have expendable money on hand to give to charitable causes. However, if we decided not to dine out with our family just once in the span of a month, we would have a spare $40 or so to spend on something else.  It is all about the choices we make. Whenever we have a choice to spend something extra we should also keep in mind what we could easily do without, so an orphaned girl or boy can survive another day and possibly have the same opportunities as we do.

If you are interested in helping an orphan in need please click here to make a donation. Providing weekly, monthly, or yearly recurring donations is the most beneficial way to serve the orphans.