In honor of the birth anniversaries of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Prophet Jesus (pbuh), My Orphans has dedicated this month as ‘The Month of Giving’. We are working hard to raise $20,000 for orphan causes.. This can only be achieved through your efforts. You can help us achieve this goal by fundraising for us, networking with your friends, coworkers, neighbors, community and donating! We can surely achieve this goal together and do so in honor of the most generous and giving of individuals. Their light and guidance has taught us the importance of charity and the responsibility we have toward orphans.

A perfect example of the beauty of charity is encapsulated in a story narrated by Imam Jafar Sadiq (p), whose birth anniversary also falls on the same day as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). According to his narration, a man had come to visit the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and noticed his shirt was very old, so he gave him 12 coins to buy another one.

As the Prophet was going to purchase a shirt, he noticed a slave girl crying, upon which he asked why. She explained that she was given 4 coins by her master and had lost it. Without hesitation, the Holy Prophet (p) gives her 4 of his coins and tells her not to worry and to go home. He then proceeded to buy another shirt worth 4 coins. On his way back, he encountered an unclothed man. Again without hesitation, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) gave the shirt he just purchased to the man.

With his last 4 coins the Holy Prophet (pbuh) bought another shirt, praised God, and made his way out of the market. As he headed home, he again saw the same slave girl crying. Upon his inquiry as to why, she explained that because she was so late to return home, she was afraid her master would be angered. The Prophet (pbuh) told her to walk in front of him and he would escort her home. When they got to the house, the Holy Prophet (pbuh) explained to the master why the girl was late. Due to the blessings of the Prophet’s (pbuh) presence in his home, the master decided to let the slave girl free.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) then said, “Praise is due to God. I have not seen any 12 coins more blessed than these. With them, God clothed two people and freed a slave girl.”

This narration fully expresses the beauty of giving. And more importantly, that charity from the heart, without the intention of being repaid, is the purest form of worship and humanity. For rather than spending everything on his own shirt, the Holy Prophet (pbuh) helped two other people by buying a less expensive shirt for himself and giving the remainder of what he had. This is the essence of charity.

It is through these actions that we are constantly reminded of the benefits, rewards, and necessity of helping others, especially helping orphaned children. We hope that in this blessed and joyous month you are able to spare something extra for those who have less. Together, we can reach our goal of raising $20,000, all it takes is a few extra minutes to let others know, visit our web site, help fundraise, and donate!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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