Zahra, Kadhim & Hassan

Zahra, 8, Kadhim, 6, Hassan, 2 “It was around the time of the commemoration of the fortieth day after Imam Hussain’s martyrdom. My father took his car and went to go pick up some people and to take them to the city of Karbala. On the way, he got into a car accident and the car flipped over while he was inside, and he was killed, along with two other passengers. We were forced to leave our home because we [...]

Eylaf, Dalya & Malak

Eylaf, 10, Dalya, 8, and Malak, 7 - Baghdad, Iraq “Our father used to be a construction worker. One day, he left for work early in the morning. That day, he never came back home. We didn’t know where he went. We don’t know what happened. A few days after he went missing, we found out that there was a bomb blast in the area that he was working. He died in that bomb blast. “We only have a few memories [...]

Mustafa & Fatema

Mustafa, 15 and Fatema, 9 - Baghdad, Iraq Mustafa: “My father was a police officer, who worked in the city of Mosul. He usually went away during the week and  came back home on the weekends. It was my sister’s birthday the last time he came home. When he arrived that day, the first thing he did was take my sister out to buy her some birthday decorations and a birthday cake, so that we can celebrate her birthday. On [...]

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