Fatema & Siblings

Fatema, 16, Kadhim, 13,  Ayat, 5, Zamen, 3 “My father and his brother used to live together in one house. We all lived together, and everything was going well. Two years ago, they got into a big argument about something silly and my uncle was quite upset with my father. It was really bad. One day, they were screaming at each other, and my uncle became furious, grabbed a knife, and stabbed my father until he died. My uncle surrendered [...]

Ahmed & Siblings

Ahmed, 7, Khitam, 4,  Zaynab, 3 “Our father was an old man. He was very poor. He didn’t have money to buy or rent a house for us. So, he came here (Baghdad), found this land, and built this mud house on it. We don’t know the owners of this land, so they can come at any time and tell us to leave. That’s the scary part. We don’t know where we’d go if that happens. “My father passed away [...]

Haneen & Siblings

Haneen, 14, Ayat, 12,  Zahra, 8 “My father used to have a fruit and vegetable stand. That’s how he provided for us. But one day he went to the doctor and found out that he had diabetes. The doctor prescribed him medication so that he could get better. But my father couldn’t afford the medication. So, his condition kept getting worse and worse until he passed away five years ago. “He used to make about twenty dollars a day. And [...]

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