My Orphans is excited to announce a new partnership with Saviour USA, a Texas-based N.G.O. and North American representative of Shaheed Foundation that supports victimized families of martyrs in Pakistan by providing aid to their orphans and widows. With this new affiliation, we’ll be able to extend support to over 24,000 orphan families annually.  Saviour USA is the latest addition to the growing number of My Orphan partners supporting orphan causes globally.

As the official North American representative of the Shaheed Foundation of Pakistan, the two organizations collectively provide support to nearly 2,000 victimizes families each month.

Such support materializes in the form of used clothing, financial assistance with tuition fees, assisting families with emergency needs, housing, Eid gifts for the orphans, food rations (dry grains & similar), and iftaar arrangements during the Holy Month of Ramadan, to name a few.

Saviour USA allocates 100 % of all contributions toward designated projects and deducts nothing for administrative expenses.

Click here to donate toward orphan causes in Pakistan today.

To learn more about Saviour USA, click here.