Hadi, 15, Muhammad, 13, Muhsin, 12; Zaynab, 5

“My father passed away two years ago from a stroke. He was sick for a long time. He used to have a cell phone accessory stand and made about twelve dollars a day. We used to live in a mud house, but one day it rained really hard and our house fell on us. Now we really don’t have a place to live” Hadi said.

“On the days my husband didn’t work, there was no food in the house. Please take a look at my children. They’re all malnourished. They get tired and out of breath from only walking a few steps because I can’t give them any food, so they have no energy,” said Hamida (mother).

 “Two months after he passed away, our mud house fell on us. There was a nice old man who felt bad for us and gave us a small piece of land. He collected $3000 to build a house on the land. We were able to build parts of the house. But the man passed away. Now nobody wants to help us to finish building it. We need $5000 to build one room, one bathroom, and a kitchen.

“My children had to quit school because they have to go and work. They sell gum and tissue boxes to those who are driving on busy roads. But the police officers always send them away. So, it becomes really hard to save anything. My heart breaks every time they go. I don’t like to send them, but this is what our life has come to,” Hamida added.

“Our only wish is to find real jobs so we can save enough money to finish building the house. We don’t like getting thrown out of the streets. It’s humiliating. We just want to live in a proper home. We want to help my mother and my little sister. We want to make them feel safe,” Muhammad and Muhsin cried.

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