Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (p) said,

God made fasting obligatory so that the rich and the poor are made equal. If there were no fasting, the rich would never experience the feeling of hunger that would make them have mercy on the poor, for whenever the rich desire something they are able to acquire it. Thus God desired to place His servants on the same level, and that the rich experience hunger and pain so that they have compassion for the weak and have mercy on the hungry.”  

(al-Shaykh al-Sadouq, Man La Yahdharhu al-Faqih, V 2, P 74, Hadith 1766)

The Month of Ramadhan is a glorious thirty days of countless blessings and bounties and is awaited by millions of Muslims across the globe. It unites the Muslim ummah, regardless of nationality, race, gender, or  socioeconomic status, towards the common goal of achieving nearness to God through the act of physically and spiritually refraining from food, drink, and negative actions and thoughts. It is a time of deep reflection and a time to cleanse the soul, repent and seek forgiveness. Many strive in this month to get closer to God through increased worship by  pondering over the futilities of worldly needs, desires and temptations. This is also a blessed month to practice benevolence towards those whom God deems vulnerable and underprivileged. One of the most important group of such individuals are orphans.

The Holy Quran states,

“They ask you what they (should) spend. Say, “Whatever you spend of good, (is) for parents, and the relatives, and the orphans, and the needy, and (of) the wayfarer. And whatever you do of good. So indeed, Allah of it (is) All-Aware.” (2:215)

Showing generosity towards orphans in the month of Ramadhan is not just a great act of humanity, it is also an act that earns tremendous exultation in the eyes of God. As one goes through hour after hour of hunger and thirst during the hours of fasting, the plight and hunger of those in need appear much more relatable. This is the reason why the month of Ramadhan, in particular, is a special month to reflect over the conditions of the destitute and to make a difference in their lives. During this Holy month we are all compelled to contemplate on issues of the world that we most often disregard or never pay attention to during the year. Pondering over the plight and rights of orphans and our obligation towards them are issues we must address actively.

The month of Ramadhan, or the month of blessings,  is also the best time to show benevolence because every good deed is multiplied exponentially. The act of kindness towards the underprivileged is a deed that could earn us tremendous reward from God. Every act of worship counts and one of the greatest acts of worship is charity in the name of God. By increasing our community service efforts and by showing munificence towards our fellow human beings, we can achieve the highest form of worship during this time of the year.

In this holy month of blessings and rewards, My Orphans is launching a campaign to feed as many orphans as possible.  We ask that you help us by donating $15, to help with meal costs.  You can also help My Orphans having fundraisers and sharing our page with your friends and family.   This is a great opportunity towards community service and an act of generosity that will not only earn you a great reward from God, but also make a tremendous difference in the life of an orphan.

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My Orphans is launching a campaign to feed as many orphans as possible during the Holy Month of Ramadhan. For just $15, you can help cover the cost of food to feed a fasting orphan for a day during this spiritual month.

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