Fatema, 7, Jood, 7,  Noor, 5, & Zahra, 4

We were on our way to visit another family when a woman came out of her house and started shouting, “Save me! Save my children! I will kiss your hands—just please save me, and save my kids!”

We approached her and heard her story.

“My husband had an infection in his liver. It’s genetic, I think, because his whole family has it. He used to support me and my four children. Ever since he passed away, things have gotten really tough for us.

“Sometimes I feel like killing myself because my kids are about to starve to death, and I can’t do anything to help them. My oldest daughters are only seven years old. I’m their mother and I should be able to feed them. But I can’t. I have no money. It’s been two days that I haven’t fed them because I have no money to buy them food. They are malnourished and eating from other people’s garbage.

“I sold everything that was valuable so I could feed my kids. I used to own a few pieces of gold. I sold them. I had a cell phone. I had to sell it. I don’t have anything else that is valuable enough to sell. I started thinking of suicide, because I have nothing to give them. I have nothing to feed them. They’re always hungry.

“I can’t get a job because no one will hire me. So, I send my seven-year-old daughters to go and clean people’s houses. They get three dollars on the days they work. But that is not enough,” Ardhiyya (the mother) said.

“I am hungry. I want to eat food. Please give me some money, so we can get some food. My mother is always crying, because she doesn’t have anything to give us. Can you give us something, please?” Noor cried.


The above represents one of many orphan stories by victims in war-torn regions. Your support can make a difference for orphans like Fatema and her siblings. Make a contribution today by clicking here.