Fatema, 16, Kadhim, 13,  Ayat, 5, Zamen, 3

“My father and his brother used to live together in one house. We all lived together, and everything was going well. Two years ago, they got into a big argument about something silly and my uncle was quite upset with my father. It was really bad. One day, they were screaming at each other, and my uncle became furious, grabbed a knife, and stabbed my father until he died. My uncle surrendered to the police right away. He is in jail for the next five years.

“Soon after my father’s death, my mother’s family came and took her away from us because they were embarrassed by what my uncle had done. They did not want to have anything to do with my father’s family anymore, even us. They don’t want her to be associated with us anymore. Her family doesn’t let us see her, and they don’t let her come visit us. We don’t know why they’re acting like this. Now my father’s aunt takes care of us.

“Ever since that day, I lost trust in everyone, especially my family members because my uncle killed my father, and my mother left us during the hardest time of our life. How could they do that? I will never understand.”

“We used to live in a house, and my father used to pay the rent. We had a good life. Now we live in an abandoned house and my father’s aunt takes care of us. She is really old and very sick. The owners of this house can come at any time and tell us to leave.

“I always think about our future. I don’t know where we will go and what will happen to us. I’m so scared. I’m always thinking about my little brothers. What will happen to them? Our future is lost.

“One thing makes me happy and it’s when I sit down and remember all the good times we had when we were living with my parents before they both left us. We were a really happy family. There was hope and lots of love in our home. Now there is are only fear, and there is no hope in our future. I just wish we had a house to live in, and some money to take care of my siblings and my father’s aunt. Because I am the oldest, I am responsible for them. We want to go back to school and be like other children. But, of course, that will never happen.

“I want to the world to know that we live in a scary world where a brother kills his own brother, and no one can be trusted,” Fatema said.

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