Eylaf, 10, Dalya, 8, and Malak, 7 – Baghdad, Iraq

“Our father used to be a construction worker. One day, he left for work early in the morning. That day, he never came back home. We didn’t know where he went. We don’t know what happened. A few days after he went missing, we found out that there was a bomb blast in the area that he was working. He died in that bomb blast.

“We only have a few memories of our father because we were all very young when he passed away six years ago. But I know if he was here, we wouldn’t be living in this place. We wouldn’t be living like this, because a father does the impossible to make sure his children are happy. During those days, when there was an explosion, the dead bodies were brought to one place for families to claim them. Every time the bodies came, I used to go and look for my father’s body. It’s been so long since my father died, but I still go to look for his body. I’m not scared. I remember what he looked like. I remember what he was wearing the last time I saw him.

“We wish someone could save us from living like this. My mother goes to the landfills every morning to find bread and food for us to eat. Even these clothes that we are wearing right now, we found them in the landfills. We don’t know what happiness is. We wake up every morning feeling like we are dead. We cry all the time because we are tired of living like this. We are all sick, but we don’t have enough money to get treated. But I don’t want to even get treated because I would rather die than live like this.

“All we want is to live a better life and go to school. I am a very smart girl. If I go back to school and get an education, I know I can graduate and get a very good job. I would be able to get us out of this hell that we are living in. But I know that I will never be able to go back to school, because we don’t have any money for anything.”

[After we left Eylaf’s home, she ran after us and said, “Can you please take me with you? I’m so tired of living like this.”]


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